March 1st, 2008


Productive two days

Tonight, I am sitting on the couch drinking the most YUMMY drink! I had some chocolate vodka, hazelnut coffee liqueur and milk, so I made a slightly different White Russian. Tastes AWESOME!!! You should know that when my husband actually drinks something I made (he's usually the bartender around here) that it's out of sight! Popped some popcorn, sprinkled zesty nacho on it, and I'm going to watch a little TV.

The past couple of days have been fairly productive. Here is just a sample of what I've done:

- Got mom COMPLETELY out of the old apartment, got it inspected and cleaned, and turned in everything so she is only in her new assisted living apartment.

- Sent off the paperwork to cash out her life insurance

- Got myself on as a signer on her bank account, got new checks with both our names and my address on them

- Took the roof off of the gazebo and started on a tarp cover for it that will hopefully hold up to our North Texas winds better than the thin crap that comes with it. It won't look quite as classy (being held on there by somewhat matching brown duct tape) but it has to be better than shredded cloth. Tomorrow, I'll have Scott help me put it back on so I can finish the edges.

- Got together three bags of clothes and shoes to donate to Goodwill, and two bags of trash.

- Reorganized our drawers and closets

- Cleaned the downstairs (counters, dishes, laundry, mopping, vacuuming, etc.)

- Played with water guns in the backyard with the boys

- Blew bubbles in the backyard with the boys

- SHOWERED (believe me when I say this is an ACCOMPLISHMENT!)

- Colored my hair

Now, I can't wait to go to the They Might Be Giants concert on Tuesday with oddharmonic and a couple of her friends. I've never been to the House of Blues here, and have always seen TMBG at the Gypsy Tea Room, which is sadly no longer an option.

BTW - I'll only be bringing a cane (leopard print, of course), but we can park in the handicap parking with my hangtag.

Back to my drink, popcorn, and TV.

Oh! I also got a copy of my absolute FAVORITE animated show of all times - The Animaniacs episode 'Les Animals', where they do versions of all of the Les Miserables songs. LOVE IT! Can't wait to watch it with the kids, who will have NO frame of reference.

Thoughts on family

I had such a strange childhood, with just me and my mom, and a strained relationship at that. Right now, I'm watching the latest 'Trading Spaces' where a mother-in-law doesn't get along with her son's wife. With all of the jokes you hear about mother-in-laws, I know that I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. My mother-in-law and I get along better than I get along with my own mother, and having grown up with only me and my mom as family, I am blessed with a sister-in-law, brother-in-law and LOTS of other relatives. Even a father-in-law. Having lost my own dad at age 5, having a father figure tears my heart apart. I know Scott and his father have a somewhat strained early relationship, but things have changed and just to HAVE all of this family is such a blessing.

Damn, I must be drunk for a TV show to move me so much when it's about a strained family relationship, and I am so blessed to have married into such a great group of people.

On a related note, my friends are my family, and I haven't heard from a few of them in a while, so I'll have to take some time out tomorrow to see what is going on in their lives.

I also can't wait to work out a new visit time with my GS and *sniff sniff* my GodSon.

Want to know what is weird? You hear the phrase 'Always a Bridesmaid, never a bride'? I had it backwards - I've been a bride, but never a bridesmaid. The one time that I would have been in a wedding, it was for my good MALE friend and his wife-to-be wouldn't hear of a female groomsman. I've never BEEN a bridesmaid.

Maybe it's my lack of family growing up and the distance between me and my good friends, but the fact that I have been thought of as an influence for a child other than my own, for the rest of his life, makes me want to cry.

Ok, time to stop drinking and clear my head.

Or to continue drinking but stop making sappy posts *laugh*