February 23rd, 2008


It never ends

I should have known from the fact that I have at least two of every crochet hook size known to man that knitting would be the same way. I keep having to go get new needles for the projects I want to do. I was all ready to start a new project, and I have the size 10 DPNs needed, and I have a size 10 circular needle - but it's 29" or something like that and I need a 16". Grr.

I did finish my felted hat today. I gave up a bit early - only 5 cycles in our front loader before I decided I didn't care that you could still sort of see the stitching. I think it looks awesome and is set up on a soccer ball being shaped. :) I'll take pictures later when it is dry. Yay! :) My first knit project that is for myself!

I wish my head would stop hurting, and helping my mom finish packing tomorrow won't help matters.

I think I just need to go to bed. *laugh*