February 12th, 2008

Dance in the rain

Fresh as a flower

I finally got a shower tonight, which was well overdue. I feel so REFRESHED. Got my hair washed and curled. New bandages on my torso.

I did find one new bruise on my tummy. I don't know if I stretched too much or what. It's sore in that spot, so I'll have to watch it to make sure it isn't really a 'new' bruise.

Tomorrow is coumadin clinic again. When I went in on Monday to check my clotting time, my INR/PT was only 1.5, up from 1.2 on Friday. They upped my coumadin to a stunning 12.5 Monday night, and 10 tonight. I'm still doing the Lovenox shots twice daily to avoid clots until my coumadin levels get above 2.2. When I was trying to get my levels up last time, they went as high as 10 mg a night, and then maintained at 10 3x a week and 7.5 4x a week. 12.5mg just seems so high. I can't wait until I can stop the shots, though.

Outside of that, I only took ONE painpill today. I was really sleepy though. After the boys went to school, I went back to sleep. I set an alarm because I had a 9 am call with my boss, then two calls back-to-back after it. My boss finished up early, so I was off the call by 9:30. On the OFF chance I fell back asleep, as I am so likely to do right now (Coumadin side effect? After-effects of surgery? Quirk of APS? Combination of the three? Who knows!), I set my alarm for 5 minutes before 10 to be able to make the next call. The alarm went off and, you guessed it, I fell RIGHT back to sleep! I woke up 30 minutes later and called in halfway through an important call, which my boss was ON! How capable do I look when I can't stay awake for 30 freaking minutes? I swear, if they would just start my workday for now sometime after noon, I would probably be more productive. :)

Speaking of flowers!!!!! I took the two flower arrangements out and hung them to dry in our downstairs bath. It smells like HEAVEN when you go in there - enclosed space with tons of roses and other flowers drying. In another couple of days, they should be dried all the way through the petals and I can put them back out.

And another thing...

On Friday, my mom actually moves into the assisted living place in McKinney. I think it will be a big load off my shoulders when she gets over there. Now if I could just finish getting together all of the VA paperwork to get her reimbursed, we'll be golden. I'm waiting on a CERTIFIED copy of my dad's Navy discharge and a copy of his divorce decree from his first wife from the 60s!!!!

Look! An insane hoop to jump through! *sigh*

Another stumble today that just makes you want to wonder how people can handle this on their own. Four years ago, I signed mom up for the waiting list on a program that the Texas Department of Aging and Disability has which would pay for a portion of her assisted living costs. At that time, the waiting list was running about 3 years. When I called to check on it a few months ago, they said they couldn't find anything, so I submitted another application online. It must have gotten into SOMEBODY'S hands who knew what to do, because she called me and said she found my mom's case file and it had been closed in June of 2006 for 'inability to locate client'. Hmmm, let's see. She moved into her senior community in February of 06. I could see where the mail might no longer be forwarding 4 months later. However, they had the CORRECT phone number for her, CORRECT phone number and mailing address for me as secondary contact. Did they call either number, or try mailing me here? NO! They just closed the damn file after a multi-year waiting list!!!!

The person who called gave me the name of a supervisor who will get a really nice call from me tomorrow. They better FIND a way to fast track my mom into this program, because there is no way I'm accepting going to the back of the line or them 'not accepting any new applications'.

I could just SCREAM!

Lord, please don't let me be a burden to my kids when I'm old. Make me active, independent and healthy until I die a quick death doing something I love in my 80s, or make sure I'm independently wealthy to a point that I can take care of all of my own care. Meanwhile, give me the patience to take care of my mother with a smile, because goodness only knows, she'll probably last many, MANY more years like this.

Sometimes, I feel like I have four kids - Michael and Matthew, the unemployed husband with the broken toe and the senile, broke and completely unable to make a decision for herself mother.