January 30th, 2008


Stop the world. I want to get off.

- As of yesterday, my mom has a room at an assisted living facility and we are getting her moved over the next couple of weeks.

- Yesterday I went and got the MASSIVE amount of paperwork that is needed to file for the VA aid and attendence benefits. It's just insane! No wonder so many people don't file. Even if you file, the max you get is $998 a month. Assisted living costs $2500 and UP. Once you get it started, the first check is retroactive back to the first day of the first whole month they had it (File Jan. 15 and first day would be Feb. 1.) You have to ALREADY BE in assisted living to even file. This catch 22 is bullshit! If you make $1500 a month, but need $2500 each month to live there, how are you supposed to get that extra grand a month during the 6-9 months it takes the VA to complete your application?

- All of this means I'm back in charge of all of my mother's finances, paperwork and medical issues.

- Today I went looking at her life insurance. It's a 10K policy - basically a burial policy. Since there is a cash value for it, we figured we could sell it for 5-7K instead of taking out a loan until the VA comes through. Turns out back in _1992_ my mom took out $1000 from the policy as a loan. She never paid it back. Every year, they've been sending her statements about the interest that she needed to either pay, or have deducted from her policy. That $1000 loan is now $2500 out of her policy. She has paid $1500 in INTEREST on a $1000 loan. I could fucking CRY. Now, we're going to cash out the policy for about $2500 cash value, because it would only be worth about $7000 if she died, and we need the cash NOW.

- I'm trying to sell her burial plot and concrete vault from Valhalla Memorial Gardens through Craigslist Huntsville and the Huntsville times over the next two weeks. Together, they are worth about $3500 if you bought them now, and I'm looking for $1800 and $800 respectively. Let's hope someone decides they need to go shopping for funeral arrangements.

- Michael is being a little shit not doing his work at school and getting in trouble for it. He just lied to his dad about it (said he did everything) like the two of us never talk. He was busted and while Matthew laid around playing the Nintendo DS, Michael had to clean up the playroom and their bedroom, put all of the dirty clothes in the hamper, and put up two big stacks of clean clothes. The whole time he grumped, hit and kicked the wall. And this is the GOOD kid! :)

- People comment on my cast wherever I go. It almost makes up for what a pain in the ass it is. I put a garbage bag around it last night and then sealed off the top with press-and-seal cling wrap to take a shower. Worked pretty well.

- Mailed out my special gift to GS today. Yay.

- Changed mom's address to my address so I handle her mail now too.

- On Friday, I stop my Coumadin and two days later start my shots back. Surgery is Wednesday and I hope to get out of the hospital on Thursday. Tomorrow is all of my pre-op stuff, so I guess I'll know more then. Bloodwork at the hospital and last check with the reconstructive surgeon.

Ok, enough BITCHING. I'm going back to knitting a toe cover for my cast and listening to my sweet Shasta puppy snore loud enough to wake the dead.