January 25th, 2008


Note to self: You F'n IDIOT!

You broke your foot on October 30. It felt great the last couple of weeks. This does NOT mean put on 2 inch heeled boots and go dancing, then try to go 'low' all the way to the ground. You WILL rebreak your foot!

Then comes the fun part! Why not try to be fucking Superwoman and do a two hour Tae Kwon Do test on an already rebroken foot? It will only make it worse! (Funny part though - the black belt board told me it was the most serious they had ever seen me and the meanest face ever. Didn't have the heart to tell them it was pain, not seriousness).

I got my first stripe on the way to red belt. I also got an extremely bruised and swollen foot that I can't put ANY weight on. I'm back on crutches, icing it off and on, and when they open today I'll be calling Texas Sports Medicine with my stupidity. I'll cop to the dancing, but not to the TKD test on a known rebroken foot :)


At least I don't go back to TKD until March at the earliest, because of my foot and surgery in a couple of weeks. YAY to finishing reconstruction! When I do go back in March/April, I will also get to start weapons training! I get my bo and weapons DVD next week to study while I'm out.

Now, back to my foot - IDIOT!!!!!!
Leopard legs

Bling that thing!

Yes, I got in trouble for rebreaking my foot, and to keep me from thinking I'm well before I am they put me in a cast. My first thought OF COURSE was that if I was going to have this thing on 24/7 for a month or more, then I was going to make it MINE.

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Must. Make. It. Mine!

In the next day or so, if the test stones stay on overnight, the entire ribbon will be done in pink stones, with a red stripe. The red stripe is in honor of the red stripe I learned last night in TKD, with a broken foot *laugh*