January 23rd, 2008

Honesty vs. Insanity

Knit, Clay, Kick

The other day, I caught an episode of 'Knitty Gritty' and they said an inexpensive way to make interesting caps for your knitting needles is to make them out of Sculpey and then bake them. I remembered that I happened to have a kit full of different colored Sculpey, so here is what I did around midnight last night.

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Update on Tae Kwon Do: Michael got his first blue stripe! Matthew finally made it to green belt and was so excited he didn't want to let go of it. *laugh* I took them out for ice cream on the way home. They have one form that they have to go in tomorrow to show the black belts, to 'prove' that they know it. They did pretty good otherwise.

Tomorrow night is my two-hour exam for my first red stripe. I posted last time saying that when I got my red belt I would be an assistant instructor. I was wrong. It's actually while WORKING on my red belt. That's right! NOW. I need to start going in for beginner or Little Dragon (really young kids) classes as assistant instructor. Wow. Two years ago I would have thought you were smoking something if you said I would be helping TEACH Tae Kwon Do. Amazing.

I let them know that I think I rebroke my foot (being STUPID! I felt fine, so I threw on boots with a small heel and went out dancing for most of the night with Ang, Kim and Colleen, and at one point squatted down to the ground and couldn't get back up. I think that's what did it.) and have my surgery on the 6th, so after I test tomorrow night (yes, with a broken foot) I'm going to take a break until March. However, in March I will not only have to start teaching, but I'm also going to start in on my weapons training. Who knows - maybe I'll have dual belts and start moving up through Okinawan weapons. I just think it will fill a hole since I can't spar or break boards.


Haven't done too much with the SIMS II, but I have at least started. I had so much fun making the family look a bit like us.

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Very surprised while watching American Idol tonight to hear They Might Be Giants! They used 'No!' as one of the songs while they were showing how many people got shot down during auditions.

Did anyone else watch 'The Moment of Truth'? Who would be stupid enough to go onto a show like that and answer questions that could ruin your life for a chance at cash? It's not even like it's a LIFE ALTERING amount of cash.

On that note - I'm off to bed. Coumadin clinic is in the morning. Blech.