January 11th, 2008

Get stoned

From the mouths of babes

misskerri just reminded me of something Michael said yesterday.

He had homework where he had to find things around our house that started with the letters from 'hot chocolate'. When we got to the end, we were trying to think of an E word.

My mom and I asked him what you put a letter in to send it to someone (thinking of the word 'Envelope').

Michael said, "YEAH! EMAIL!"


I realized I hadn't posted the latest on my surgery!!!!

I finally get to have my last reconstructive surgery on February 6. I'll have to stay in the hospital, instead of it being an outpatient surgery. A week before surgery, I'll stop the Coumadin and start doing the twice daily Lovenox injections. I stop those 24 hours before the surgery and then immediately after surgery we start back both Coumadin and Lovenox. I have to do the twice daily injections until my INR comes back up where it should be (around 2.5).

Dr. Saint-Cyr will be taking out the expander and doing nipple reconstruction at the same time, so we don't have a second surgery.

I can't wait!!! 27 days until I'm done!!!

I also had an 'I am WOMAN, hear me roar!' day today. While I was so tired in the morning, while taking the kids to school and my mom in for an MRI, that I actually fell asleep in the waiting room chairs, I got more energy during the afternoon. Michael and I loaded my car completely up with boxes and excess trash and made a dump run. After we got back, I took a few of the new fence slats outside, removed the ones that were completely rotted and anchored in the new ones.

Now, let me give you some perspective on this stupid independence thing I have. My neighbor behind me owns his own custom furniture business. He handcrafts and repairs wood furniture and his garage is full of tools. He built his own screened in porch in their backyard. He repaired his own fence not too long ago. When he saw we walking out with 8 foot slats, a drill, decking screws and a hammer, he nicely asked if I would like some help repairing the fence. I told him no thank you, that I would be able to handle it. He asked a couple of more times, and each time I declined. Finally, I told him that if I could build that massive wooden play structure in our backyard all by myself, that I could certainly screw in a few boards :)

I got the fence all fixed, and except for the slats being another color, it looks great. There really wasn't anything to be done about the leaning support pole, as the concrete has shifted as our yard eroded away. That will have to wait until post-job when we have money again. On Monday, I'm going to sell some stock to make sure we have enough for property tax, income tax, mortgage and to get the damn Citigroup off our backs.

Ok, I'm exhausted and it's time to pick up a good book (I'm done with knitting for today. Had to rip out 20 rows because I somehow added two stitches. Dammit!) and snuggle my Shasta puppy.