January 7th, 2008


New Muscles

Yesterday was Ang's oldest daughter's ninth birthday party. She had it at one of those big bounce house facilities. Those are always so much fun, because all of the women get together at some point and go down the big inflatable slide a few times.

This place had something I had never seen before, though. It was like a bounce house, but inside there were padded helmets and these HUGE boxing gloves. No, really! I mean like the size of the child. You shove your arm down in them and there is a little bar for you to grab hold of. We were laughing our asses off watching the kids because they couldn't lift the gloves. It was like their arms were tied to their sides and they were just trying to SWING the glove at their opponent using their body weight and momentum.

At least, it was funny until Scott and I got talked into going in there. WE could hardly lift those gloves! I can't believe they would expect kids to! Brett filmed us, so I'll have to get the video. We did three 30 second rounds with 15 seconds of rest in between. You could NOT go any more than that, believe me.

For now, just picture in your head Scott and I in a bounce house barely lifting boxing gloves five times the size of our HEADS!

Today, it took me an hour or so to figure out why my arms and shoulders were hurting so bad. I realized it was from lifting those mega-sized boxing gloves and trying to hold them up. What a freaking work out and we laughed the ENTIRE time. Michael and Matthew want to have their next birthday party there, so now I'm looking forward to it. *laugh*

Off to put some icy-hot on my shoulders and upper arms and listen to music. I don't know if I could knit or hold up a book. :)