December 25th, 2007


Bad parents

It's almost 8:30. Everyone is up. We've had breakfast. The 'virtual fireplace' is on the TV (something rather scary about a 63" fire in your livingroom) playing Christmas music.

We haven't opened presents yet *laugh* Daddy is drinking his coffee and eating a Nutri-grain bar first. :)

Yes, we make the kids wait until everyone has had breakfast and daddy had his fix coffee before opening any presents.


Made a financial mistake. BIG one. Forgot to account for a payment to the tune of $1200!!!!!! Shit! How could I have forgotten that? I don't get paid for 8 days, and I know my car payment comes in on Thursday. That will bust me. I saw that my husband had not been able to make the TV payments for a while, and they were turning things off, so I made the $200 payment for him. The next day, Shasta stepped on a damn SOMETHING and we spent over $200 unexpectedly at the vet.

Let's add that up - $1200 check I FORGET about, $400 in unexpected charges.

$1600 that I thought I had, but don't. It's going to be a LEAN week and a half. I'll make it. I always do, but DAMN.

What a freaking IDIOT! I don't know why I do this to myself.

Merry freaking Christmas.