December 21st, 2007


Doing some cleanup

I'm doing some paring down of my friends list - not because there is anyone that I don't 'like' anymore, but more because I need a positive outlook on life and there are some people that don't post anymore, I haven't had time to read too much, and I need to get focus back.

If you were dropped, you will probably be readded at some point when I get over this hump. I also may still go read your journal when I have the chance. You are still free to keep up with mine, if you wish.

Don't take anything personally. The only person this is personal for is me, and I don't tolerate drama.

K! Thanks, bye! :)

Poor Shasta

Shasta went out in the backyard with Barqs and Pepper this afternoon. Matthew was out there with them and when he came in with all of the dogs, Shasta came in and got in my lap. He was whining, biting at his front left paw and wouldn't put any weight on it. I rushed him to the vet and we held him down to look over that paw. The vet finally saw a stinger in the side of his foot. She was able to pull it out and we looked at the swelling and redness around the area.

None of us have ANY idea what stung him! It wasn't like a bee stinger, but was a small black stinger with a hard pouch at the end that was kind of black and brown. He was hurting like crazy, but once it was out and he had some Benadryl injected, he was back to his normal self.

I'm so glad that's all it was. I was scared that he had jumped wrong or been stepped on and broke something. I had this vision of us spending our time together broken *laugh*


Today was the boys' Holiday party at school and we had a great time. They decorated tiles, made fridge magnets and ate lots of sugar.

Probably the funniest thing was the class making 'reigndeer food'. This was oats, colored sugar, and LOTS of colored glitter. They mixed it all together and everyone in the class got a couple of cups in a baggie. The idea was to sprinkle it across the lawn, and the moonlight on the glitter would lead the reigndeer to your house for Christmas night. :)

I thought that was such a cute idea! Since it is about to get really freaking cold (down in the 30s! :P ) I let them go out and put it out there tonight. It sparkles all around the yard and our sidewalk.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Who needs a Wii?

Amazing! Much cheaper too!!!!

I had accumulated some points on some of my survey sites and I ordered something I had never heard of before. I got it today and it actually is QUITE cool!

ActionXL Made for Motion Mouse

This is basically a small hand-held device, about a quarter of the size of a standard mouse, and on games that are made to use it (the driver for it actually contains 7 or 8 games). It's way cool. There is a game called Balance which is like a marble on a table that you nudge around to get it in an indent. There is a horseshoe game that had me acting like I was really playing! Swinging my arm just a bit, lining things up and letting it fly.

I hope they make some more games for this, because it rocks. Especially for just taking those damn surveys. :)