December 14th, 2007



Hmmmm. I was beginning to think unlikely illness. Actually, I've known most of my life that my mother and I would die from cancer. I'm not sure why, but I just always have.

Maybe that's why the drug/alcohol accident comes in :)

You'll die from a Drug or Alcohol accident.

Let's face it - when you get drunk/high you lose all control and do stupid stuff. Unfortunately in your case those propaganda anti-escapism commercials prove true.

'How will you die?' at

Georgie update

One day in the next week or so, you guys are going to be FLOODED with pictures. We've had our cameras around constantly!

Last night was a great time at Chuck E. Cheese's with allykatt and misskerri.

Today, we are being BUMS around the house and our Dallas friends (specifically krautboy and wife) are invited to our house to drink massively visit for a while. Start around 7ish?