December 4th, 2007


Spice quiz

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Matthew STUFF

So today I got a call at the end of the school day from the Vice Principal. Things were going so well the last couple of weeks that it almost blotted out how bad things were the weeks prior to that.

Today, Matthew left the cafeteria saying he had left something behind. The class thought he had gone to the bathroom so didn't start looking for him immediately. When he still didn't return they started looking for him. Because of his habit of running and hiding, they looked in all of the normal places (classroom, coat closet, bathroom, etc.). No Matthew. A teacher walking by found him - OUTSIDE - right before they were about to call an official lockdown of the school for a missing child.


The counselor finally got him to talk. He was looking for his notebook that he had left somewhere. He was retracing his steps, and went out to the playground to see if it was there. He didn't know the door would lock behind him. (Why did the door OPEN for him to get out????) He suddenly got scared that he would be in trouble for going where he wasn't supposed to so he hid in a small alcove beside the door. People looking out couldn't see him. People walking around the building couldn't see him. Only if you look around the corner of the door could you see him, and thankfully, that teacher caught a glimpse as she walked by outside.

I got a referral to a therapist in addition to the psychiatrist he already sees. She's getting us in on a rather rapid basis this week because we just can't live like this. He's such a sweet and bright kid, but we just don't know how his mind is working. He scared me to death today.


It could only get BETTER!

I wanted to put the last christmas decoration in the front yard - a large arch
that we put over the walkway in front of our door. I set up the base where we
had it last year and got out the tent stakes to anchor it, just like last year.

I grabbed a hammer and started to sink the very first stake.

(Do you see this one coming?)

*GUSH* We now have our own private water fountain in the front yard!


I hit the water line to the sprinkler system. Could have been worse. Could
have been the water main. Or the sewer line. Scott and I were able to locate
the water valve at the street and turn it off.

We're ok now. Until the next time I have to run the sprinklers and will
have to pay to have it fixed then. For now...heck. It's winter. Don't need
to water the yard.
Oh shit

Getting better!

Gotta stop watching The Simpsons with the kids around :)

Michael can read now. Quite well.

We were sitting there watching the show, and someone wrote
in a book. It was really quick, but next thing we know Michael
said aloud:

"Boink Slut"

Clear as day. Well. Ummm.

Daddy says, "Michael, remember how we talked about sometimes
people, especially on TV, say things that aren't nice words?
Neither one of those is particularly good to say."

(This as we are both holding back laughter at a six-year-old
suddenly saying 'Boink Slut')