November 20th, 2007



Went to the coumadin clinic again today to get my blood checked and DAMMICK if it isn't back down below 2.0. I don't have to start injections again, but I do have to up my coumadin dosage.

Still not ready to talk about the other night. Maybe in a couple of days.


Oh, there was a good point today. I happened upon a YARN STORE here in town. Never knew it existed! I've always gotten my yarn from craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

I went in and thought I was going to hyperventilate.

Too. Much. Yarn.

Yarn overload. This had to be 1000 square feet of yarn and patterns and magazines and videos and needles and accessories and OH MY GOD!!!!!

I was too overwhelmed to buy anything other than a magazine and a promise to come back when I have more time. There were some AWESOME yarns there.

More goodness

darkjenna made me think of this one. Today, I was happy about the strangest of things. I have to wear a medicalert bracelet for at least six months because of the Coumadin. I bought a cheap silver necklace one from the drug store and engraved it at home. I HATED it. Bulky, cheap, dog-tag looking thing. I looked around and finally found a place called Fiddledeeids and got this piece customized with my name in script on the front with 'Meds: Coumadin', a pink medicalert symbol, and on the back it states 'Coumadin for PE, Arthritis/DDD, Mastectomy, Hysterectomy'. It looks SO MUCH better and is something I'll enjoy wearing over the next year.

Take the small good where you can find it.