November 16th, 2007



Joy in bullets

- My blood tested at 2.2 today, so NO MORE INJECTIONS for now. YAY.

- The doctor told me that if I wanted to have ONE DRINK each week, I could, as long as I keep it consistent.

- It's FRIDAY!

- Scott comes home tonight

- Finished with the boys' Christmas shopping for the most part. I got the final 'big' things today. I told the boys that since they both had Gameboys, I was not going to buy them yet another game system. They have been asking for a Nintendo DS for as long as they've been out. I thought I had them when I told them that if they saved up enough to buy it (I think I originally said 'save up at least half') that we could do that. I figured there was NO WAY two six year olds would save up over $100 in time for Christmas! Yeah. Umm.... I cashed in $123 in coins this afternoon and went to buy their Nintendo DS. My part was buying them Pokemon Diamond and the new Spyro. My mother bought Pokemon Pearl for them. Along with the guitar, keyboard, a big Transformer and a 'laptop' (plays spelling games, math, etc.), and two small digital cameras they are DONE.

- I can't wait for GS to come visit!

- I crocheted the COOLEST slippers that look like Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star hi-tops. Woot!

EH in bullets

- Don't know WHAT to get my husband. Wish I could get him a good job. That would probably make him happiest.

- I'm really bored

- I don't know what _I_ want for Christmas. No clue.

- Did I mention I'm bored?