November 12th, 2007


Monday update


I went into the Coumadin clinic today to see if my clotting time had improved/lessened. Barely, despite doubling the Coumadin on Friday night. It went from 1.1 to 1.3. It has to be over 2.0 for me to stop doing the Lovenox injections. Damn it. I wanted to stop doing them, but no dice. I have to continue and double up on my Coumadin every night, then on Thursday afternoon we'll recheck.

I also am the not-so-proud owner of a tacky Medicalert necklace. I have an engraving wand where I put a ribbon on the front, just to decorate it, and on the back engraved "PE Meds: Coumadin", so on the off chance I get a cut and decide to bleed out, people would know. *laugh* Not that I wouldn't just clot up as normal according to my blood test this morning.

In letting the dogs out last night, I retwisted my foot. I'm so glad my boys are old enough to do things on their own with just slight direction. I wish the dogs were the same. :)

Speaking of pets, this morning when I got up, I noticed that my Crested gecko mating pair had pushed up a corner of their lid and escaped. I'm hoping that I can find them somewhere soon. They are pretty big, so I've set food out and the house is on 'lizard watch'. It was cute to watch the boys this morning running around saying 'I think these are lizard prints!' 'Smells like they've been here.' 'Yep. Definately smells like the lizards have been here' 'Mom! Is this lizard poop?'

The Next Great American Heartattack

Is anyone watching The Next Great American Band?

I am watching the most recent episode on TIVO and they are doing Billy Joel hits. One of the girls talked about how she has been obsessed with his 'We Didn't Start the Fire' since she was in kindergarten.

*choke* WHAT???????? KINDERGARTEN?

Um, it came out when I was in college.

Thank you for making me feel fucking OLD all of a sudden.
Medical advice


I just don't get it! I have very little feeling in my right side from my surgeries. There is a bit more feeling on the left. I have now run into when I try to inject into the left side of my stomach, it hurts like hell as soon as the needle touches. I have to inject in my right side every morning and my left side at night.

I just spent 15 minutes in the bathroom trying to do one injection in my left side. I had seven bleeding holes in my left side without going in far enough to inject before I gave up and went for the right side. I tried to stay far enough away from this morning's injection site, but it's still not something you are supposed to do really.

I can't just keep injecting in one side. After the first couple of attempts, I even went with phenway's advice to try icing it. I iced it for a couple of minutes until the skin was just RED. Still hurt when I tried to go in.

I know half the issue is in my head. Maybe a third is that I'm too scared of needles to actually just JAB the thing all of the way in. I have to jab it just far enough to get past feeling and then go in a bit slower.

You've heard of 'hesitation marks' on people slitting their wrists or murdering someone? I have 'hesitation injectsions'.

PLEASE let these be over as of Thursday's coumadin clinic appointment.