November 11th, 2007


Update: Sunday

Nothing to update really. I'm here. I'm bruised. I'm tired. Scott left for California until Friday. I have an early appointment tomorrow at the coumadin clinic to see if my blood is any thinner and I can stop these awful injections.

I did talk to Scott's grandfather for a while today and he gave me lots of pointers. He's on the same meds. Hello? He's 50 years older than me. Makes me feel GOOD. ;)

Thank you

I just wanted to take a minute on this day of rememberance to thank all of the men and women in all of the military branches for protecting and preserving what our country stands for.

I also want to remember the following:

- My half-brother, for his service in the Navy during the Korean conflict

- My grandfather, for his service in the Navy during World War I

- Lastly, but most importantly, my dad, for his Naval service during World War II. Today, I take out your medals to remember you, and the flag they laid over your coffin to wish you were still with me.

Thanks to all vets and those who support them, whether or not you believe in the reason they were deployed.