November 10th, 2007



Last night, I took my medicines, injected my blood thinner, and crawled into bed with my puppies and my hubby.

This morning afternoon, I woke up and did my second injection and started to drag my ass out into the living room. Yeah, you calculated right. I slept OVER TWELVE HOURS!!!! Enjoyed every damn minute of it.

We shipped the boys off to my mom's apartment for the weekend so I could rest, and rest I have.

I was a bit grossed out this morning though. Scott has been teasing about my new puppy eating poop. I think it's a puppy thing, because HIS dog used to do it at that age too. This morning, I walked out into the backyard to let the dogs back in and turned RIGHT back around and yelled for Scott. I told him I didn't want to hear a THING about my puppy's breath and that we were having immediate teeth brushing all around for anyone walking on all fours.

Barqs caught a bird.

I found her face down into it with wings spread out to either side. It looked like her head was about to take flight. Gross. Scott's dealing with the bird and I brushed everyone's teeth so I could stand for them to sit with me :)

He thinks it had to be a slow bird for this eight-year-old old lady Cairn to catch it *laugh*

Anyway, off to maybe catch up on a few shows and 'nag' my husband to bring clothes down from upstairs for me to throw in the washing machines, and to empty the dishwasher and refill it. He's got things he needs to do today (pick up dry cleaning, get a haircut) before he leaves tomorrow for his week-long business trip. I just want to make sure the things I can't do get done as well so I don't have to bring my mom over here for the week to help me. I'm supposed to rest, not stress. :)

Excuse me???

Hey! I've got an idea!

Let's take a great back and forth game and just fucking LAY DOWN for the fourth quarter!

Give me a break. Thank God I'm not just a fair-weathered fan.