November 9th, 2007


Today's update

- Saw my primary care doctor, who we'll call Dr. NWS (Not worth shit). He drew blood to test my thyroid function and see if we need to look further into the hyperdense nodule on my thyroid gland. Also thinks that this may be why I've gained a whopping five pounds in one week!!!

- We think the radiologist may have made a transcription error on my report. Where he says 'pericardial effusion' (fluid around the heart) he may have meant to say 'pulmonary effusion' (LUNGS, not heart, which would make more sense with blood clots in the lungs)

- I met my cardiologist today and the clinic staff that will be following me through the joys of blood thinners. At least they caught my humor when I asked if a Coumodin clinic is anything like a Methadone clinic :) I will have an echocardiogram in two weeks and the rest of the time will just be working with the clinic staff. My blood has barely thinned, which makes me wonder exactly what level of 'peanut butter' it was last week. Normal clotting factor is around 1.0. I've been on injected and oral blood thinners for 3 1/2 days now and mine tested at 1.1. They want it to be between 2.0 and 3.0 and remain there for the six months I have to stay on them. The good news is, if my levels are ok on Monday, when I go back, then I get to stop the injections. Good thing, because I look like a damn pincushion today. Each injection gives me a bruise that is about 1 inch across. Add to that where I had my IV and the THREE places they took blood today. Yikes.

- BRIGHT point of the day was a blend of situations. I came home to a note that I had a flower delivery, but since I wasn't here, they were next door. In getting my flowers, I also got to give my next-door-neighbor a hug for the first time since having her babies and see her beautiful week-old boy/girl twins!!!! The lovely flowers were from GS. Kudos to my hubby for knowing what LY.MI. means.

- Since I need to rest and Scott leaves on Sunday, he packed bags for the boys today and we dumped let them spend the weekend at their Gamma's. We grabbed a bite to eat on the way home and I'm just relaxing now.

- I have officially put my Tae Kwon Do membership on hold again for six months. My Sensei was FLOORED that my foot injury last week led to this level of injury. I'm really going to miss class. This is the longest I have been away, even with my other surgeries.

- I have some really fucking awesome friends, ya know? Some great coworkers, too, while i'm at it. And my current manager? Absolutely fucking rocks. For a Brit ;)

- When I was unpacking today, I saw that my razor (bought an electric razor today since I can't use a regular razor for at least six months) was nicely wrapped in tissue. I thought it was funny that my boss had taken the time to wrap my razor up. Then I realized that also meant that he has also seen all of my knickers now!!!!! *cringe*

- Did I mention I'm exhausted? Glad all I have to do is laundry this weekend. And clean the rat cage. And sleep. Lots.

Love you guys. I'll keep you updated as I find things out next week.