October 18th, 2007



The boys and I had our Tae Kwon Do pre-test tonight. We have been cleared to go for our next belt. Next Thursday, I will be going for my blue belt and they will be going for their green belts. Mr. Hanna plans to keep them at green a good long while, but at least they will feel some sense of movement. I took Mr. Hanna aside before class and told him to please clamp down on the boys for goofing off or not paying attention. He did so in class and got a lot more out of them than usual. They claim they really enjoy TKD and want to keep going. I just need to see them focusing. I spend a lot of money for them to be there and it's not just for them to goof off.

This week we will spend a lot of time going over the information they need to know and that's all we can do.


My car is NOT HERE YET!!! Well, it's HERE, but not at the dealership. It's been sitting in Grand Prarie after being taken off the train but hasn't been put on a truck to come up here. I have my fingers crossed that they will call me tomorrow to say it's being prepped for me. Otherwise, they are going to have me calling constantly. :)


I got my check from the options I exercised. YAY! I can pay some more bills.