October 6th, 2007


The Interests Meme

Yes, it's going around, and I've got some answers. Here is a bit more about some of my interests that allykat wanted to know about. The deal is - I post this, and if you want me to pick some of your interests that I would like to know more about, just comment and let me know. Then you post your stories or explanations in YOUR journal.

Got it? Good.

Cute, common and camo. I've always been drawn to anoles because they were always around when I was growing up. In college, and then again a couple of years ago, I have kept anoles as interesting 'pets' to watch. I love to see them change from a bright green to brown based on their ambient temperature and how relaxed they are feeling.

crested geckos
Personally, these are the most interesting of my lizards. They have personality, don't mind minimal handling, and my pair are great breeders. What gets me the most is that they are considered 'eyelash' lizards. They have this row of fleshy skin above their eyes and then down their back and it gives them the appearance of having eyelashes.

Often used and somewhat sarcastic term for my home town, Huntsville, Alabama.

For those not 'in the know' there is a story called 'The Spoon Theory' which has been adopted fairly universally by those with hidden diseases - lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Hep C, and others. People don't understand when someone young and very healthy looking has limitations. They especially don't understand when they see you doing something amazing (or normal) one day, why you can't do the same thing the next. The Spoon Theory explains very well how our disease only give us so much to work with each day, and while we can borrow from tomorrow's stock, it just means we'll have less to work with the next day. You must measure how you use your spoons very carefully. If you haven't heard the story, I think you should go read the whole thing. It may help you understand others a little better.

Stringing is the term used for creating beaded jewelry by placing beads on a string of some kind. (Duh). It's the most basic, but somehow requires the most creativity to be successful and not look like some third-graders art project.

violent femmes
The Femmes are one of my favorite bands. I've listened to them since close to the beginning, and was traumatized by them as a college student. They played a frat party I went to, and I was pretty messed up. I was standing right at the stage watching Gordon sing 'Country Death Song' and I actually had to leave to sit out on the curb for a while because it creeped me out so bad. I've since gotten past that *laugh* and gone to see them many times in concert. They put on a good show - almost as good as They Might Be Giants, but not quite. Great sing-along music for the car.

wire wrapping
The art of taking a gem or other object and 'setting' it using only wire. I dabbled in setting gemstones by creating a solid back of coiled wire and then creating decorative curves to wrap around the front in several places to hold it in place. While it looked great, it was just way too much labor instead of creativity for my tastes. A lot of time spent with pliers bending hard wire.

Now it's YOUR turn! Comment if you want to participate.


We think we've figured it out. Shasta perfectly fits many of the pictures we are finding for Maltese / Long-haired Chihuahua mixes.

Here is Shasta:

Here are a couple of Maltese / LH Chihuahua mixes we've found on the web:

What do you think?