September 24th, 2007


Ready to hit the roof, part 1

Part 2 is work related, so I won't post it here. I'll just let it stagnate in my brain like some kind of cancer.

Our little darling, Mr. Pibb, the rescue terrier? Yes, he's heartworm positive as we knew, but it really isn't very bad. His heart and lungs sound clear as a bell, SPCA pays for the heartworm treatment, and it isn't something that is very likely to be transferred to our two dogs - especially since they were on heartworm preventative.

Of course, they are due for their shots this month...

Which is why I was HIGHLY pissed, to the point of crying and screaming, when we went in today for our 'well check' with the SPCA - 2 days after adopting Pibb - to find out the hacking, lethargy and loss of appetite aren't heartworm-related.

It's Kennel Cough. Bordatella. Freaking HIGHLY contagious.

So, Scott has our two dogs at the vet right now getting their shots and looked over. I certainly hope that all of the other dogs we've come in contact with the past few days are up on their shots.

In the car, I was actually asking Scott if he WANTED the dog (enough to fight for it). His first response was that I had already adopted him and taken him out of probably the best opportunity he had to be adopted. I asked again, but do you WANT him? He said he would help me run around to appointments and give medicine. No, but do you WANT him? He finally said yes, he liked the dog but he was just three ways of sick and that made him pretty much just lay there. I was really upset, but I think we are both resolved now to do whatever it takes to make Mr. Pibb healthy again, and hope that once he feels better, he will become a happy, active dog like he should be as a one-year-old.

Going off to snuggle him and stew about bad luck. Scott warned me at Oktoberfest when we were talking about adopting him that I don't have good luck picking animals. Half of them are some sort of mutants (I have a half-sized Sheltie, used to have a ferret with brain damage, had a pregnant practically-rabid rat, a channel blue catfish fingerling in my aquarium (don't ask) and other such oddities)


Ok, so Pepper and Barqs are negative for heartworms and if they had caught kennel cough from Mr. Pibb they would already be showing at least some signs of infection. Our vet said they were healthy as could be, although they do still need a stool sample looking for worms. OH JOY! Poop patrol in the backyard!

As for Mr. Pibb, our normal vet differed slightly with the opinion of the SPCA vet (who only took about a minute with him, listened to his heart and lungs, then did nothing else). He said that the coughing/gagging, since it IS productive, along with the lethargy and loss of appetite, probably ARE due to the heartworms instead of bordatella. Our vet also said that the next 60 days will be hard on everyone involved, but if we get Mr. Pibb through the next 60 or so days he should be fine and return to the wonderful dog we're sure he will be.

I feel MUCH better now!!!! I'm off to fight the second part of the attack at work ;)
Stood for something

Wow. Just wow - Virgin to Virgin

I'm surprised that a corporation as massive as Virgin would use something as underhanded as this. ALWAYS cover your ass with marketing. Take more steps than you need to protect yourself. I thought this was common knowledge unless you were an unethical company.

Not so, evidentally. How many of you use Flickr? Have you seen this video on CNN where a girl had her picture taken at a church BBQ, and the person who took the photo posted it in his flickr account. Next thing you know, her photo is all over Australia in a major Virgin Australia ad with such tag lines as 'Free text Virgin to Virgin'. She had no knowledge of this use of her likeness. Flickr says, and is also noted in the small print of the Virgin ad, that images used were used under fair use policies.

I know that if we say or post anything on the net, we should expect it to be used, copied, quoted, anything since we no longer have control over it. In computer security it is always said that the only way to totally secure a computer is to never turn it on in the first place. That said, it just amazes me that a major corporation would use a photo someone found on the web without securing permission, especially since it is a MINOR in the image!