September 20th, 2007

Seemed like a good idea

Money headache

Otherwise known as 'Stop her before she shops again'

Our dishwasher has been performing rather poorly lately. Ok, about half of the load doesn't actually get clean. I'm tired of rewashing or washing by hand and it's steadily been getting worse over the last six months.

Today, I found a great deal on the Sears website where you basically get 15% off, free delivery and 12 months same as cash. Yeah, I bought a mega-dishwasher today that will be installed next Friday. This thing even has a food disposal in it, so you don't need to rinse the frigging plates off! (I can't wait!)

TO make matters worse, and because I was already digging myself into a 'must pay off within 12 months' hole, I got my Canon Rebel XTi tonight. 4 GB memory card. Extra battery. I can't WAIT to start taking pics with it!!!!!!!!

Of course, spending money like that always makes my head hurt. It's the poor Alabama girl coming back out. By the time I got home, I had this mix of elation and excrutiating pain.

We'll see which side wins :)