September 18th, 2007


Oh yes, it's Ladies' Night, and I'm feeling right.

Oh yes, it's Ladies' Night, oh what a night!!!

The girls are going out tonight. WooHoo! Me, Angela, Kim, Janet and maybe Colleen are going to go check out a new bar in Dallas. I'm really looking forward to it!

Now, I have an hour and a half to shower, shave my legs, figure out what in the hell to wear, do my hair and makeup and give lots of squishy love to my boys and hubby.

(BTW - I took Michael today to get a wart removed from his face. Poor thing had this huge one RIGHT between his eyes. I wanted to get it removed while he was still young enough to not be teased or hyper-aware of it. The doctor froze it and poor Michael screamed bloody murder! I felt sorry for the people in the waiting room who thought a dermatologist was the last person to be afraid of. I felt horrible as he complained all the way home, but I think he'll thank me in the end. I hope.)