September 5th, 2007



I'm super excited! I got a call a few hours ago from absolute_lethe. Her, Dave and the two kids are coming to visit this weekend.

It's so great to have them here in the house with us for a few days. The boys just LOVE their son and it rocks to have a little girl in the house for a while.

I now have something to look forward to, and I'm damn glad I spent this weekend hardcore cleaning the house. It also motivates me to spend some time tomorrow afternoon loading up the junk pile that I moved out of the garage and into the backyard to take it to the dump. I should also have Scott finish with the bike racks in the garage so I can get them out of the living room :)


It's always good to get in some Lethe time!


Update on my car: The news from Lethe has taken the edge off my anger. The car was towed to the dealship last night, after I waited 2 1/2 hours for the tow truck. This morning when the dealership called, I told them we tried to charge the battery several times and to jump from another car. No dice. I also mentioned that the ABS and emergency brake lights go off at random times while I'm driving.

Turned out it was the battery anyway, so they replaced it. They also ran diagnostics on a bunch of stuff to try to find out why the lights would be coming on, but said no luck. I barely got out of the parking lot before they came on again, so I went straight back. They checked the brake fluid, said it was somewhat low and that it was probably what was causing the problem. Filled it up and I was on my way.

The lights are still coming on at random times.

Oh - and since it was the battery, rather than the starter or alternator, it wasn't covered by my warranty.

Guess how much it cost me to have Ford replace my battery and run 'diagnostic tests'....