August 28th, 2007

Honesty vs. Insanity

It isn't even MY stress!

I occasionally have stress dreams where I am in a situation that I have absolutely no control over. They aren't so much 'nightmares' as a constant state of high anxiety that follows me through the morning.

Last night was a strange dream. I remember going into a fictional shopping area that shows up regularly in my dreams. (No comments from the peanut gallery about the shopping). genebob was with me and needed to get a haircut. I was standing behind him as a girl had trouble evening up the back of his hair. It had that fast-forward feel that is either the way we dream or just the way we remember them - very disjointed. The next thing I knew, the back of genebob's head had a completely bald streak in it where the girl had messed up. We got the manager, they showed it to him as they tried to figure out ways to fix it (other than just shaving the rest), and he momentarily flipped out. We eventually got him back in the place to get his hair fixed.

Why did it give me anxiety for someone ELSE to have a problem with their hair? Do I have some sort of guilt over support of someone else? Is it guilt because I got sick and didn't go see Hay-Jax in the hospital this week, although I promised? Is it being overwhelmed with work, kids and life in general?

We'll never know. But, genebob - just to be safe, don't run out and get a haircut anytime soon *laugh*
Leopard legs

Got some new shoes :)

GS and I are probably the only ones who actually remember what I'm talking about, but I have to bounce off the walls for this.

Last September, when I visited GS, we went shopping. I know. Hard to believe, huh? We were having horrible luck finding shoes I wanted in my size at Nordstrom's. The sales guy had me pegged and brought out a pair I had missed. A pair of Mephisto sandals - leopard print soles, sort of a bronze/gold leather strap and rhinestone buckles. They mold to your feet and are the most comfortable things in the world! I have been wearing mine fairly constantly throughout the past year, and it shows. :)

Today, I stopped in Nordstrom Rack on the way to pick up the kids. On one hand, I really shouldn't have spent the money. On the other hand, I've been saying I love the shoes so much I wouldn't hesitate to spend it again.

There were three styles there for over HALF what I paid for my shoes last year! One was a hideous lime green strap and tan sole. The one I REALLY wanted they didn't have in my size - a pink leopard print with pink leather straps. Dammick!

Here is what I finally bought - in contrast to the ones I bought last year. *bounce bounce*

And no - the shoes on the left aren't dirty. I've actually worn down into the bottom of the shoes that much.