August 27th, 2007


Day 1 down

The boys had a great first day at school, so we're off on another fun-filled year with the Frisco school district. :)

Work, but slowing down at least. One large project comes to an end as two new ones ramp up. I'm actually going to *gasp* LEAVE THE HOUSE for work this month, as I have to go to Broomfield, CO for a three day in two weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing faces I haven't seen in a while.

Now for the big news, especially for georgiaskydiver and semantique - You have mail on the way. Yes, despite the fact that it has been sitting on our dining room table for months now, I actually got the mail out the door. Now, let's just hope the stuff I crocheted for 'little' Cameron still fit him *laugh*. GS - your now smaller bracelet (*coughskinnybitchhacksniffcough*) will arrive soon along with other 'just because' goodies.

Oh, I did bail on physical therapy today. Bad Trish. Instead, I went and bought new bras since I have three more months with 'Brick Boob' before surgery. Here's an idea for fun! Let's spend a YEAR changing things so that you are never a consistent size! Damn glad that sense of humor is holding up!