August 25th, 2007


And people thought we were mad...

When Scott named our Cairn Terrier, Barqs, people were always questioning or trying to spell it Barks.

We always explained it was Barqs, with a q, you know? Barqs has Bite?

Very few people got it. Even less since we moved out of the Louisiana/Mississippi (Sorry genebob - Mifipi).

It's BACK!!!!

I was really pleased to find they have brought back Barqy the Dog!

Imagine my surprise when I was entering a code at My Coke Rewards to see that for 150 points, I can get a stuffed Barqy dog! I MUST HAVE THIS! If you buy a coke, please let me know what the code on it is so I can get this. I have 70 points now, and can get 25 each time I buy a 30 pack at Sam's, but we don't do that too often. Please, OH PLEASE!?!?!?! :)

Look at our Barqy's face in the icon. Doesn't the one she was named for deserve to be in our house?

(Comments are now screened because I'm an idiot) *laugh*