August 23rd, 2007


Get a room!

We got the cutest guest dog today, which makes us want a Shih Tzu even more!

He is a 6-month old male Shih Tzu, black and white, energetic and so dang cute!

Did I mention he hasn't been NEUTERED yet? Grrr.

My little red heart-shaped pillow from Brookstone has now been DEFILED. Multiple times. I can't get the dog to stop humping!

Which brought to mind a funny 'embarrass him when he's older' story about Matthew. We've had another un-neutered male guest dog before, who played with the kids - chasing, throwing a ball around, playing tug of war. Matthew used to roll on the ground and cover his head while the dog tried to lick his face. One night, Matthew was rolling around laughing and I looked over to see the dog HUMPING HIS HEAD! Not that Matthew knew what was going on, but I freaked out while trying to stifle a laughing fit :)

Hey! Remember that time when you were little and a dog tried to have sex with your head?????

Anyway, gotta run save my pillow (again) and get ready for tonight's TKD test.