August 20th, 2007


For the record

Menopause sucks.

It's nothing TRULY painful to deal with, just really freaking annoying at times.

Trying to go to sleep and not being able to because you just lay there on top of the bed.

Wondering whether or not you should shower, because you're just going to have a hot flash and be sweaty again soon after.

Bouts of 'leave me the fuck alone' mood swings.

I can't imagine what REAL menopause is like for people who actually produced hormones to begin with! I didn't really produce many hormones to speak of (part of the problem we had with getting or maintaining a pregnancy), but to suddenly have them completely taken away made such a difference in me I can't imagine the difference it must make for others.

I'm off to be a sweaty bitch again.

(this was more of a 'for the record' post than a complaint. Made bed = me laying in it :) So as to not leave on a sour note, I do feel much more secure about my job after a discussion this evening and this is test week for Tae Kwon Do! Meet the teacher is on Friday and the boys start school on Monday!!!!! YAY!)