August 4th, 2007

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I'm tired, yawning even, but not able to sleep. I can't shut my mind off.

I have always slept under a sheet and comforter. In the summer, we keep the fan on and sleep that same way. It's how I've always slept.

Enter menopause.

I can't sleep with the comforter anymore. Heck, I can barely sleep under a sheet! I typically end up with it across my hips, with my legs and upper body uncovered. If I get 'cold', I slip under the sheet. It's been a massive change in the way I sleep and I really do miss the days of snuggling down under a massive comforter and laying side-by-side with my hubby. If a sheet is too much, just imagine what body heat does.

I keep doing TKD forms in my head. I guess that's a GOOD thing because I will learn them well that way. It's how I used to learn all of my payouts on craps. I just figured odds in my sleep. Now I do TKD in my sleep.

Off to play some POGO games for a while and hope I can go to sleep soon.

Good night, and good morning.

That wasn't enough!

I finally got to sleep about 4 or so. Woke up when I heard Michael making breakfast around 7:30. NOT enough sleep! Hopefully, with nothing to do today except go watch a black belt exam at 3:30, I can take a nap in my chair later.

While I was asleep, I had the STRANGEST dreams. I don't remember the flow of things, just details:

- Ang and I were remodeling a house (Have I been watching too much 'Flip This House' and 'Property Ladder'?). NICE and really big. One night someone shattered a front window and the side door to the kitchen. Maybe looking for tools since the house was obviously being remodeled? I told her to get wood to cover the windows, but she replaced the windows and I was just waiting for someone to break in again.

- It was hard to get anything complete at the renovation because Paris Hilton (!!!!??????!!!!?????WHAT??????!!!!!??????!!!!) kept showing up and taking me to some sort of hard rock concert. I can't even remember who. This happened like three times.

- On the third time, I said I needed to go back in the house to get my money and a book to read. I said everything was sitting on the counter in the house, so someone offered to run get it while I got ready. In the car, that person handed me a five dollar bill and some cook book.

- We were told by that person that we were making a pit stop for a book signing. We walked up to a table with a portly red-haired woman and five or six people around. She motioned us to the table, but we said the others were there first. Turned out they were staff. The author turned out to be for the cook book the other girl brought me, and NOBODY had shown up. She was so excited to have us there she wouldn't let us leave. She ran and got champagne (Hello? Where exactly in the book store was that located? Is there a hidden bar I've been unaware of all of these years?) and some pink cream she kept pouring in it. It was horrible, but she kept trying to make this awkward social situation work.

- We finally got to where the concert was supposed to be, but there was an Indy car race going on. We stayed for only a little while.

- The next day, at my bank, I found that someone had spent thousands of dollars more than I had from my account. I tried to leap into action to avoid anything else and get my money back.

That's when I woke up.

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Tawk amongst yaselves.
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This is why I'm hot

(That's a song reference, ya'll, not ego)

Yeah, I'm a bundle of laughs today/tonight.

I spent several hours today with the boys watching the Black belt exams at our Dojo. AMAZING. I saw two black belt candidates cry within the first hour. Our Sensei was laughing about how she gets to torture people and we PAY HER for it! :) It just got me so pumped that after the boys went off to bed I spent several hours studying and practicing my forms and one-steps.

Now that's a way to spend a Saturday night. *yawn*

You just don't know how exciting a TKD instructional video can be, especially when you keep rewinding to watch the same thing over and over.

I'm thinking it's bed time.