July 26th, 2007



Scott has the boys at Tae Kwon Do right now testing for their next green stripe. My test is later tonight, and twice as long, so I stayed home to practice for my first blue stripe.

I thought I might check my email really quick, and imagine my surprise to see this:

d0h! I have not kept up with my own wife's journal over the past month or so. Shame on me. :)

I love you too hon, even if I'm not so good at saying so at the right times.

Belated reply.

PS I'm not going anywhere. I refuse to chase speeders on motorbikes.

That certainly picked up my day!!!

The original post, 10 reasons why I love my husband, can be found here
TKD avatar

Sore. So sore.

Wow. Tonight was my first intermediate and advanced belt test (I was actually testing for my first blue stripe). Our tests are now two hours long. After two weeks of three times a week physical therapy, Tae Kwon Do class last night, and then a two hour belt test tonight, I came home SORE!!!!!!

Michael and Matthew did their test with the beginner and intermediate kids-only class, which was only one hour. Matthew got his first blood *snicker* One of the black belts was working with Matthew and busted his lip. He now gets to write in his TKD notebook that he was injured and got to make a black belt do knuckle pushups as punishment. :) They both got their additional green stripe. They need to really work on their forms if they want to get that green belt next test.

Did I mention I'm sore? :)

I'm so very glad tomorrow is Friday. I have a lot of work to do, but at least I don't have TKD or PT. I can stay in the house in my pajamas.