July 21st, 2007


Worst mommy moment

Ok, maybe not my worst. Close, though.

The boys were outside playing in the backyard a couple of hours ago with their water guns. I'm used to them yelling out there, hurting each other's feelings, and learning how to work out problems on their own. I was sitting inside, instead of in the gazebo because we have a mold problem right now (thanks to the great flood of rain this summer). I can just look out of the window next to me and see the boys.

I heard Michael screaming, and thought they were just goofing off so I just sat here for a while. I turned and looked out the window and saw him upside down over the small fence that seperates their play area from the dog area. He had been backing away from Matthew to avoid getting splashed, when he fell backwards over the little picket fence. One leg was caught in between the spikes. It was all scratched up from near his foot all the way up to his buttock.

I felt so small. I ran out and picked him up into my arms, and by that time Scott had come downstairs to help me.

My poor baby.