June 18th, 2007

Days attack at once


This has been the WORST day!!!!

- Matthew refused to come out of the bedroom this morning and when I went in there, he was crying on the top bunk because he had wet the bed. He did not want to come off the bunk at all. It took a lot of time to talk him down and get things fixed.

- We were running late to get the boys to Karate camp, and I forgot to give them anything to eat for lunch.

- I went to my pain doc because my back had been getting so bad. I got refills on my pills, and he was going to start me on regular massage therapy (SCORE!) but said he wants to give it another month or so because of the incision in my back. He also X-rayed my neck because he thinks I have some arthritis or disk issues starting there as well.

- I got home and started frantically working on two documents that I worked on all last week, which I had promised people by close of business California time today. I got one fairly close to finished, and was working on the sixth page of a very in-depth project plan for a very high priority project I am running when my computer starts spewing some sort of 'Main memory' error and froze up. It won't even boot now. I can't even get to the boot prom. Not even to setup. All of my work is GONE and there is no way I can recreate those docs in one day. I'm fucked.

- Working so hard on those docs, I look at the clock and see it is 3:15. The boys' camp ended at 3 and we were admonished to not be late picking up our kids. FUCK! Thankfully, I didn't get pulled over speeding down there.

- One of the dogs spread poop EVERYWHERE downstairs today, and it took me about an hour to clean the carpet of all of the trackmarks.

Can we just call today over? Fast forward to tomorrow?

On the lighter side of things, when Scott saw me so frustrated he grabbed the kids and took them to see the new Fantastic Four movie. They just got home and went straight to bed.

God, I love that man :)