June 2nd, 2007

Fork you

What a week

Fork you, life. I've got spoons right now and you can't take them away. No matter how hard you try to get me down.

Could it maybe rain AGAIN??????

We're not off to a good summer start when it has hardly gone 24 hours without storming for the last week and a half. It just started storming again.

At least I haven't had to water any of the plants outside :)

On an even more dismal note, last night on the way home from Tae Kwon Do, the Mommy-mobile started sputtering as we tried to take off each time. A few blocks away, we had to sit through a second light cycle because my car wouldn't go when it turned green the first time. We got about a half a block away from the house - it was IN VIEW - and the car stopped moving. You could rev it up, but no go. Two nice neighborhood guys stopped to help me push it off to the side of the road, catty-corner from my house. We looked under the car and there was a HUGE puddle of transmission fluid.


I called Scott in Thailand and he reminded me that we have the extended warranty and premium service on my van. I called roadside assistance and they towed the car to the dealership, at no cost to me. The transmission is still under warranty, so that won't cost me anything. I could even get a rental car if I wanted. I've got Scott's car so I don't need it. The dealer said they are going to have to pull the whole thing out of the car, so it will be sometime next week before I could even think about getting it back. *sigh*

What's worse? Tomorrow we have to go up there because the boys' sparring gear is in the car and we have a belt test on Sunday.


Now, for the brighter news. I have pretty much finished my office downstairs except for the painting. I have primed the walls and will start on them tomorrow. Today I got a new cover for my futon - a tan microsuede. The walls of the room will be burgundy below the chair rail and an antique white above, possibly with tan rolled or sponged over it. I found a rug at Garden Ridge that is close to a leopard print!!!! It pulls the room together. All of the furniture is oak with black trim, and the colors in the room are tan, black, burgundy and cream. It rocks.

The boys are LOVING their room, and have had no problems sleeping up there. Since they are so into music now, I found a CD player at Target they just love! It's a Pirates of the Carribean one, and shaped like a treasure chest. When you have the lid open, and a CD in playing, there is a heart that throbs red. Awesome.

I'm also in love with having the play room with the TV and DVD player in it, along with the queen bed. The boys have taken to watching a movie a little before bed and they get all snuggled up in the spare bed to watch it. I've found it also makes them calmer for bedtime. YAY!!!!


Well, the ambien is starting to kick in, so I had better head off to bed before I say something I regret or that sounds really stupid. Or both. :)