May 23rd, 2007


Room progress

(Quick note: I LOVE the Beatles, and I truly like Kelly Clarkson. However, please don't ever mix the two again. No comment on the rest of them. I guess I'm just sensitive to Beatles remakes. It's all slaughter in my mind.)

(Another quick note: tomorrow is the last day of school!!!!!)

I'm making a great deal of progress on the kids' new room! Last night I did the base coat and tonight I did the sponging. Although the boys love it, I sort of liked the base coat by itself more than the end result after sponging. It's so dark, but it does have an 'Under the Sea' feel to it. I actually was singing songs from 'The Little Mermaid' while painting *laugh*

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Grrr. TIVO

Ok, TIVO. Get a little smarter.

Yes, it recorded two hours of the season finale of American Idol.

IT MISSED THE LAST TWO MINUTES!!!! WTF? I had to go to freaking to find out who won.