May 19th, 2007


Update on life

Haven't posted much of anything lately. I think I've just been too busy with life, and sleeping when I'm not busy. Thus, I'll just give you some bullet points on 'What in the heck could be more important than LJ?'

- We got to talk to Scott this morning in Thailand. Of course, it's Saturday night there :) Last night, they all went to a Thai Disco. Some idiot left a bunch of their equipment set up from the last trip, figuring they could just go out there and set up the rest. Ummmm...hello? It's all gone. :) They're getting it resetup now. The boys were glad to get to talk to Daddy and Michael got to share that he lost his first tooth and that there is only four days left of school.

- Last weekend, we swam and played volleyball over at Angela's house and I took pictures. I just haven't posted them. We're supposed to go back out there today and maybe stay over. I'll take more pictures, then never have time to get them on the computer.

- I've made great strides in the boys' new room. I have built their window seat, cut the foam, and am about 75% of the way through sewing the cover. I should have just wrapped it, but I was dense and wanted to sew nice edges. Big mistake. It'll look decent, but I might just go get some more of the same fabric in case I want to redo it without the sewn edges and corners. I finished painting their bunk beds white, and they look GREAT! I took green gauzy fabric and wrapped the slats on the top bunk, which is what you had to look at from the bottom bunk. I stapled it in place, so now it is more like a fabric ceiling that matches the colors in their new scheme :) I have the two tall white bookcases to go on either side of the window seat, baskets to go in the window seat and on the shelves, a hall coat rack I love from IKEA. Basically, I think I have everything here except the paint for the walls.

- In order to paint upstairs, I need to get those two rooms as bare as possible. I'm packing up my office. Things I don't need to work that I usually just stored in my closet are going in boxes up in the attic. Things Scott needs to go through are going in boxes in his office. I am becoming realistic in the fact that I will never read most of the books I own again, so I'm keeping special books, things I want to share with the kids, and nice hardbacks. EVERYTHING else I am getting rid of. I think I have about 300 books to take to Half-Price Books to sell. Only question is how in the heck to get them there!!!! I'm loading up all of the suitcases that are on wheels to see if that will carry them.

- I've got to find someone strong to help me move the big TV out of the spare room and temporarily into the home theatre until I'm ready for it to go into the new playroom. It's keeping me from repainting the dresser it is sitting on, so I'm annoyed.


- We had kindergarten extortion, or what we have come to call 'the youngest pyramid scheme ever'. Michael got money from the tooth fairy, which he took to school to maybe buy a snack. One of his classmates told him some tale about how he had a lot of money, but was a few dollars short. If Michael were to loan him the money he had, later on, the kid would give him hundreds of dollars in return. Ummm. They are SIX!!!! Where did he learn this? And why was my kid idiotic enough to fall for it? Anyway, Michael got lectured, and I talked to the teacher because I didn't know how to handle it. For a while I thought about letting Michael just lose the money and learning a lesson, but Matthew told me the kid does it all the time so I wanted him to learn the lesson. They worked it out, and Michael got his tooth fairy money back. YAY! Kindergarten drama! I wonder what first grade holds for us?

- I just want to sleep now. I think I will. Breakfast, then sleep in my chair while the kids play.

- I miss my husband so much, and it only grew while talking to him this morning. He makes me laugh, and he's my best friend.

- Oh yeah, and I got 'pumped up' again Thursday. I'm at 330 ccs. In 2 weeks, they will put me at 450. Two weeks after that, I will see the doc and he will tell us how much more he wants to go (maybe another 200?) which he may be able to do that visit if my body will take it. Then we can wait 2 months and have the final day surgery. So, maybe in August I will be done with all of this and have my new body complete *laugh* Light at the end of the tunnel and all that.

- This Thursday, Michael and Matthew test for their first green stripe and I test for my second. I finally got all of us belt displays now that we have three belts we've gone through a soon a fourth.