May 15th, 2007


Do what?

What was I THINKING? Sure, I'll just paint their unfinished pine bunk beds white. I picked up a cheap gallon of white paint along with some supplies I was out of and got started on it today.

I think the kids will be sleeping in my room on their mattresses for a few days.

I have done two coats so far and the pine just keeps soaking it right in. I really hope that in the next coat or two it starts looking decent.

I should have just bought them a white bunk bed instead of taking this on. I still might if the next coat doesn't give me some promise.
No Way

A milestone!

Michael lost his first tooth!!!!!! It's not even the one that was originally loose. That one is still somewhat loose, but the one next to it got REALLY loose all of a sudden. He actually let me pull the tooth for him!

Visit from the tooth fairy tonight!