May 14th, 2007


Room musings

Tonight, the boys and I walked around IKEA with their new room measurements, trying to find shelves that would work on either side of the window and low storage that would go under the window. I plan to make a cusion across it so there is a window seat. I'm having trouble finding shelves because the damn window isn't in the middle of the wall! It's 25 inches on one side and 31 inches on the other.

So, what I'm thinking of doing, instead of shelves, is get them each a corner desk and the window seat. Then I can make small shelves on the wall (rather than a bookshelf) in the size that is leftover.

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The good thing is that I've given myself a LONG time to finish - I've just promised them that they will be in their new room 'before they turn 7' - which is next April *laugh*