April 29th, 2007


Bucky Lasek

We had so much fun today. Omar Hassan was a no show, and the kids couldn't care less about the bike guys, but when they met Bucky Lasek they were practically vibrating. It was so funny. Ok, I admit to a little bit of crushing on him myself, but that's beside the point.

Doesn't Matthew look like he's about to EXPLODE????!!!!!???!!!

They got posters signed and showed me which Vans they liked. Matthew tried on hats :) I wish I had thought to bring their boards to be signed, but I didn't want to lug them around the mall. Of course, that meant just about everyone else had theirs with them. Michael wasted no time in telling him that they had boards at home. Oh, the boys were given Vans notebooks, but I got something different:

Collapse )

New haircut

Got my hair chopped, and I do mean CHOPPED. I love it though. It's kind of flippy and cool.

(Totally ignore the fact that I have no makeup on, which I usually don't, but I didn't realize until I blew up the picture how blotchy it was looking)