April 28th, 2007


Uh-Huh, this my shit

YAY! Angela and I bought our tickets tonight for the Gwen Stefani (and Akon) concert next Saturday night. Got pretty good seating, too.

I'm so excited!!!!

It's been a LONG time since I've gone to a concert, much less one this I'm excited about.

So, do you think Ang and I will be a little bit above the average age in the audience? I could probably make more generalizations about what the audience will be like, but I don't have all night :)

More excitement

We're going on a 'field trip' tomorrow to the mall. The boys are excited, and I have to admit I am too. They have opened a Vans store (I'll have to wear my pink and white penguin Vans) in Collin Creek Mall. Tomorrow at 1, the boys will (hopefully) get to meet Omar Hassan and Bucky Lasek. I mean, they don't really understand who they are, other than the fact that they are skaters and that you can 'be' Bucky in one of the Tony Hawk games *laugh*

I just hope that we get to have the boys take pictures with them and they get to ask the questions they had for them.