April 26th, 2007


Meme time!

This one made rounds quite some time ago, but has resurfaced. It's always fun because you never seem to get the same letters :)

Leave a comment, and I'll give you a letter. List 10 things you like starting with that letter, in your journal, and then you can pass along letters to your friends list.

Simple, huh?

georgiaskydiver gave me the letter "B". For several quite obvious reasons *laugh*

1) BOOBIES!!!! I'm glad mine are now safe and on their way to being 'normal' again.

2) Bunny ears. They remind me of laughing until we almost cried taking pictures with georgiaskydiver and all of the fun we had that week.

3) Big boys. I'm glad my kids are now potty trained, in school and able to hold an intelligent and humorous conversation. This age is so much fun!

4) Bright sunny days and Beaches. I love to hang out in my backyard, working in the garden, swinging on the patio, watching the kids play. Even better than that for a bright sunny day is to hang out on a beach with no worries.

5) Bringing home the bacon. I am very glad that I am able to contribute equally in my family, have my own spending money and have a feeling of success.

6) Business degree. It made me feel even more successful to go back to school and complete a business degree.

7) Best friend. My husband, Scott, is my best friend and always will be.

8) Buddies. My friends make me feel so special and I am blessed to have them in my life. Tina, Ang, Colleen, Kim, georgiaskydiver, Mike and others, while I don't see them often enough, remind me that life can be fun and help me destress when really needed.

9) Blonde. Yeah. Kind of self-explanatory if you know much about me.

10) Blessings. There has been so much good in my life, and even the bad taught me lessons that helped me grow. I live a truly blessed life and that makes me VERY happy.

So now it is YOUR turn. Comment and I'll give you a letter to keep this going.