April 17th, 2007


What day is it?

I really don't feel like I know, even though I am aware at some level it's Tuesday.

I went in for another Dr. visit. Got one more drain out and 30cc of fluid pumped into the expander. I go back in on Friday and they should be able to remove the last drain and pump in 60cc more at least. I feel like I've been kicked in the ribs.

We have the CUTEST little Cairn Terrier pup staying with us for a week! He's only six months old and reminds us so much of when Barqs was a pup. I was actually requested for him because this dog is 'best friends' with Tippy, another dog who has stayed with us regularly. It's so much fun to have a puppy in the house again!

On a more annoying note, Scott has to travel for work starting very early tomorrow morning. He'll come home late Friday night. That is much better than 20 days in Thailand, but I'm still not looking forward to the next three days all by myself. I'm still really sore.

To brighten that up, I did stop at a couple of my favorite stores on the way home from the doctor, even though it wore me out. I got these pants and a couple of pajama tops from Tall Etc., then I stopped in Nordstrom rack and got some Vans pull-ons for the kids. I looked through the women's shoes and didn't find anything that struck my fancy. I looked in the men's section and couldn't BELIEVE what I found! A pair of Vans that are pink and white, part suede, part cloth with little pink penguins on it. In the MEN'S SECTION!!!! *laugh* I snapped them up.

Well, time to read a little bit and settle down on the couch for a nice night of sleep.