April 7th, 2007


Flowers, balloon and funny cards

YAY! My hospital room not only LOOKS good, now it smells good too. GS sent wonderful flowers, compeete with purple irises. There are three birthday balloons. SWEET.

Best part? A card that wishes me 'Happy Boobies' )

Later on, Martha came by witha bouquet o roses and lots of balloons.

My room now says 'Happy Birthday' and 'Get Well Soon' with gusto. :)

Now back to sleep. My back REALLY hurts where he removed the muscle. OUCH

Once midnight has passed. I will put on my birthday tiara and ribbon. Yay.

Damn,. you would think that on morphine and lorcet wojld knock out most of the pain, but no/

OH!!!! The worst part! The doctor thought that having the lipo at this time, with the muscle he had to take out, would be too much for me. He's doing the lipo in three months when he switches out the im,plant for the expamder.