March 29th, 2007



I've done so much this week, I swear Scott won't know the house when he gets back.

The guest bath downstairs is finished. It has been painted, new mats, new shower curtain, a plant, new outlets and light switchplates, new soap dispenser and cup. It looks GREAT. I'll have to take pictures.

I painted out bathroom, and built a white cupboard over the toilet. I'm halfway done with painting the main part of our master bath. I have gold light switchplates and outlet covers for when I'm done.

I put up a rod of curtains for our bedroom, with nice finials on the ends. It goes straight across the room, looking like we have about 10 feet of windows. The curtains are a deep burgandy, and the sheers under them are tan. Looks awesome.

With two closets and the attic being cleaned out and most of the stuff sold (fingers crossed for no rain the next couple of days, although it rained all day today off and on) - it truly is a new house.

My shrink said I am avoiding dwelling on my upcoming surgery and the complications from the last by spending money and having control over my environment. I told him I wish I could find a form of denial that didn't cost quite as much :)

I hope we sell a lot tomorrow. I take the kids to school then start taking things out onto the lawn. I got lots of change today to be ready for everyone.

OH! Tonight was test night and Michael and Matthew got their purple belts!!!! I got my first green stripe on my purple belt. We are now officially in the intermediate class for Tae Kwon Do. It means the boys have to stay up an hour later, but I think it will do them good.

Now, I need to shower and go to bed. Tomorrow night, I hope to finish painting my bathroom. Saturday night, the girls and I have a hotel room down in Addison and Ang's husband is watching our kids. We're going to eat dinner, go to a couple of bars, and then have our driver take us to crash back at the hotel. We'll be celebrating my birthday since I won't get to. They had better bring me some damn cake in the hospital *laugh*