March 14th, 2007

Drink to make things suck less

Someone stop me now

Angela and I went out tonight. Just got home. Wheee. Had WAY too much to drink. We had quite a few during dinner, which consisted of spinich-artichoke dip and a few potstickers. Not quite enough to soak up the alcohol.

Then we decided to move up to the bar. We started talking to two young guys, were damn up front about being married, with kids, and completely not interested in anything but talk...yet they bought our drinks the rest of the night. Heh. Yes, I'm smashed after five mixed drinks and three shots. We closed down the bar, which isn't that big of an accomplishment since the bars here shut down at midnight.

Thankfully, I got my shopping in before we started drinking. :)

I spent a couple of hours in the mall. After trying on WAY too many bathing suits, I found a halter tank with both a bikini bottom and a short skirt bottom. Bought those, then stopped by to get some headbands. Woot. Best buy of the night, and by far the most fun shopping for, was from the gaming store. I'm ready to start my boys in. They can't make it to six without some true non-computer gaming. I figured if they were bright enough to play Warcraft III, Dungeon Keeper, Diablo and World of Warcraft, then they were ready for the 'milder' live RPGs.

I bought three to start them on:

- Munchkin Fu (gotta love Steve Jackson games)
- T-Rex
- Dungeoneer - Den of the Wererats

Anyone played those? Wes? Anyone?

Oh! I also FINALLY stopped by a shop I've been wanting to go to for the past year or so. It's called Retro, and is kind of hippy/head-shoppy, but totally awesome inside. I found a striped Sex Pistols shirt with the Queen on it, a black t-shirt with 'The Beatles' in rhinestones, and a yellow and green tie-dyed mini skirt with silver threads throughout it. Great finds. :)

Saturday is the St. Patrick's day party where my mom and her friend are going to watch the boys so I can stay out all night. I was only going to one party, and was going to spend the night at their place, but now I've been invited to a second party with Angela. I think that we're going to spend an hour or so at the first party, then head out to the second. Maybe crash there, maybe go back to Ang's house. Depends on how the second party goes. I feel bad about bailing on spending the night at the first house, but since between surgery and Scott's travel I won't really get to go out again for the next couple of months, I want to make as much out of it as possible.

Shit. I have conference calls in a few hours and 100 emails sitting in my work box since I last checked at 6 pm. My indigestion has backed off enough (thanks to Tums) for me to actually lay down. Sure hope I can go to sleep.

Waterbed + Alcohol = Bad idea
(Although our baffle waterbed is WAY better than our full wave was for this)

Oh - and the young guys we let buy us drinks? I really hope they made it home ok. We drink them under the damn table. I tried to get them to let us call them a cab, but there is only so far you can push that with a stranger before you have to just give up and figure they are young and stupid. You just hope they don't get hurt.