March 10th, 2007



What a wonderful lazy day.

We spent quite a few hours out in the backyard today. The boys playing on the swingset, and me cleaning up the patio. I then got on a cleaning kick and washed the windows in the back and our transom windows out front. It actually got quite hot out today - nice in the shade though.

I've got so many craft projects to start that I don't know which to work on. I have some punch embroidery, crochet for a few friends' babies, a scarf for a buddy, finishing a border on a throw or some crossstitch. That's not to count the books I have I should be reading.

Instead, I just can't focus. I will take an ambien tonight and try to sleep in tomorrow. Maybe then I'll have more energy.

Oh, we're pretty pissed. Scott's company decided to cut their commission plan in HALF. Retroactive to January. How is that even LEGAL? Don't tell anyone the compensation plan until March, then let people know that their commission checks for the past two MONTHS will be about half of what they are expecting.

Fucking idiots.

Now we'll wait for a new fence. I found a couple of more companies to get quotes from, but hopefully in the next month I'll have enough extra to get the new fence done.

Spring break for the kids this week. Scott is maybe going to take them fishing at the lake before he leaves on the 15th (his birthday) for Thailand.

On St. Patrick's day, the boys will be staying with my mom and a friend of hers...OVERNIGHT. First time ever. I had her clean her apartment up good, pick up all of the chemicals and lock them in the laundry room. She has a futon in the living room that the boys can sleep on. That night, Colleen is throwing a party, so I can go have fun with my friends, stay there overnight so I don't drive after drinking, and then get the kids in the morning. I can't BELIEVE I'm leaving the kids with my mom, but with her friend there I feel a little better. It will be the first time ever that the boys have slept over at mom's. She has come over here to stay with them, but never the other way. If this works, maybe Scott and I can actually send them over there one night and have a night home alone. How cool would that be?

Enough rambling. Gonna do something more productive and then go to bed.

*laugh* Love my hubby

Scott's upstairs playing WoW and he came down to let the dogs in to eat dinner. While down, he gave me the url to go see. He had me click on the skull, which brought up TDS Radio RAWK - an online 'radio station' that he and his buds listen to when playing WoW. He told me just to listen because they played some good stuff.

About two songs later, I cracked up as the DJ say that Howard was sending out a hello to 'Trish-E-Poo'. Made her laugh saying it. She even brought it up a few minutes later.

Gotta love my husband. Getting some online radio chick to refer to me as 'Trish-E-Poo' *laugh*