March 8th, 2007



God, I loves me some GeorgiaSkydiver!!!!!

Even though I worried all day about her surgery, and planned to call her mom's place tomorrow, I came home to find a package from her.

I almost died when I saw the things in it. You found my favorite wine glass! I have wanted this thing FOREVER! It's seriously been almost a year since I first found it, and you got me one! *hug*

Anyway, I got a handpainted 'Lolita' leopard pring wine glass, a leopard print corset purse, a leopard print sunglass case, a cool pink beaded coin purse, great picture from the Little Guy and notes that made me miss her all the more.

As soon as you are better, we have to schedule another trip. I can come out there or you can come here. Set up interviews if you haven't been hired away to New York by then ;)

Hope you are resting well after your workup. I wish I was there to help you, but I'm sure your Mom has EVERYTHING under control. You know it.

Love you so much. Take care of yourself.