February 21st, 2007


Easter birthday

This hasn't happened in a LONG time. I went to find out when Easter was this year, and YEP, falls on my birthday. Better be no bunnies on my birthday card :)

Scratch that. I'll take bunnies on my birthday card as long as I am home for my birthday. Almost forgot my next surgery is April 4. I'm supposed to get home April 6 or 7.

Barring complications.

Just the highlights

<--- Look! I'm an Easter Bunny! :)

- Both boys went back to school today. Yay.

- Tomorrow night, I become a purple belt (unless I really screw up). It's a move up to intermediate classes in Tae Kwon Do. Geaux me!!!!!

- My hair is bright freaking orangish-red. Because I felt like it.

- I think we're getting a new fence for the backyard in a week or two. Nice way to spend a bonus, huh? What FUN!

- My house is clean and I have new high thread count yummy sheets on the bed.

- I'm going to go crawl into those sheets right now.

Why does it feel like tomorrow is Friday????? It really does.

Oh yeah, a few final thoughts:

- I'm missing me some hubby
- I'm missing me some GS
- I'm super excited about absolute_lethe and family coming back weekend after next
- 42 more days until I get more boobage. Yay.