February 15th, 2007


Updates on life

- Strep throat (twice for Matthew), ear infections, bladder infections, and flu. This all hit home when I got a note from the kids' doctor today that said they had been under her care from JANUARY 17 through today, and that they can return to school on Tuesday if they haven't had a fever in 24 hours. Yes, almost a MONTH of nonstop sick kids passing things back and forth, and occasionally to me. We ALL went to the doc today, all are medicated, stocked up on food (especially soup) and will not leave this house until Tuesday morning if it can be helped.

- My rattie-boys (there are five now) are all getting along now and it is so cute to watch them all snuggled up. I also can't believe I bought a Dirt Devil KONE hand-held vacuum just to keep the area around their cage tidy. *laugh* That thing is SO COOL LOOKING!!!! I finally figured out why I like it so much. When the kids were about a year old, I fell in love with some kiddy chairs - purple blobbish things, rounded all over, with a hole in the back. Hard plastic in two pieces that doubled as storage! I finally got two of our own when a store was going out of business in 'the ritzy mall' and we still use them today. SAME DESIGNER! Karim Rashid!!! I need to search out more things he has designed, because if two products that pull my design interest so much are by the same person.....well, let's just say I hope he designed more!

- Maybe when I catch my breath I'll talk about how hectic my work has gotten since our VP let everyone know about my new position at work. I'm excited, especially at the idea of training to move further up in the company, but BOY am I getting slammed. In a good way mostly.

- Hubby should be back tomorrow for at least two days!!! YAY!

- I burned four CDs for a friend last night and spent a lot of time laughing about old music. He also introduced me to a new band I think is great (Rehab), so I hope I can return the favor.

- Michael and Matthew have learned something new and I had to spend the afternoon listening to 'Skate Punk!!!!!' anytime I tried to play anything other than, well, skate punk. They started this last night when the friend above had us playing some Fu Manchu. Michael was thrashing his head and arms around dancing and said he LOVED it. That led to some new obsession with really hard punk music. I'm trying to filter which songs they hear, and I know I used to listen to this myself, but not when I was FIVE and not non-stop. I actually bought Michael a CD player today so he could listen to it himself. Matthew seems to like it, but like most things that aren't dinosaurs, puzzles or transformers, he could take it or leave it.

- God, I hope I don't come down with the flu. :) It's hard to not smooch on my boys too much, especially when they are not feeling well.

Binary Sudoku is about my speed right now.


Make that my hubby isn't coming home until SATURDAY night. But he doesn't leave until Tuesday...

Two days is two days, but I had really hoped he would be home with us tomorrow. :(

I miss Scott. Even if he is just upstairs playing WOW, I at least have him here and can go share a funny thought or something the boys did during the day.

Water, please!!

Fucking hot flashes.

How come I have hot flashes when I didn't really have any hormones before the hysterectomy?????

It's bad when you are actually thinking of walking out half dressed into 20 degree weather to make it stop. I'm really glad these things don't last too long.