February 6th, 2007


You don't say

It's like a checklist!!!!

I found this site when I was looking for some more information on abdominal incision topics. The strange thing is, it lists five possible complications for a TRAM flap reconstruction (what I had is a more current version of the TRAM, called a DIEP - it conserves the abdominal muscles where the TRAM doesn't).

I've had three out of five! Aren't I a lucky person?

- Hematoma (softball-sized, cut out via operation last day in hospital)
- Complete loss of flap (also removed in hospital - note where it says 'very rare'. Heh.)
- Wound healing difficulties

This luck, it cuts both ways. While it means I have incredible blessings in my life, I also have incredible hurdles to cross. I think it's a matter of the more you put in, the more you get out. My life is wonderful, but DAMN if I don't think I should go to Vegas with the way odds play out in my life!